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Investment Philosophy

Long-Term Thematic Investing

At BlackGen Capital, we take a long-term investment approach, focusing on companies that exhibit high growth potential. We seek to isolate asymmetric profit opportunities by analyzing companies that demonstrate strong cash flow generation, high earnings growth, ability to expand market share, and resist market underperformance in economic downturns. This investment strategy allows us to generate abnormal returns. 

We selectively invest in 4 core industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Technology, Media, & Telecommunications 

  • Energy

  • Consumer

Analysts are designated to these 4 industries depending on their interests and expertise. The diversity among our members provides us with significant advantages when analyzing investment opportunities. Analysts stem not only from different ethnic backgrounds, but also intellectual backgrounds, which allow them to provide new and unique investment perspectives. Our diverse investment teams conduct thorough research throughout their academic semesters and conduct top-down analysis on companies in order to propose potential investment ideas.

Risk Management

We target a net exposure of 30% - 75% and gross exposure of about 70% - 100% in order to hedge against systematic risk. We also ensure that no single investment comprises more than 8% of our fund. This diversification helps us protect against the idiosyncratic risk associated with specific companies.

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