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Core Values

BlackGen Capital holds four critically important values. They include but are not limited to: Diversity, Empowerment, Philanthropy, and Education.

  • Diversity: Diversity exists in many forms: cultural, intellectual, gender diversity, and many more. We celebrate all of the differences within our community and value the unique perspectives our students bring.

  • Empowerment: For centuries, marginalized groups in the financial services industry felt excluded and doubtful. At BlackGen Capital we seek to help each and every member realize their full potential and have greater confidence in their skills.

  • Philanthropy: We value the art of paying it forward. Our fund is dedicated to donating a percentage of our profits towards small URM-owned businesses across the nation.

  • Education: Our analysts are the core of our team, we ensure that they are equipped with all the tools, mentors, and information they need to succeed through a rigorous new member education program.

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