Ray Shoemaker

Co-President of Columbia Chapter


Ray Shoemaker is a Sophomore from Tupelo, MS studying Financial Economics and Political Science. On campus, Ray serves as a Director of Education in the CIBD Division of Columbia Alpha Partners. Last summer, Ray interned at ViableMkts where he consulted for a SPAC. This upcoming summer Ray plans to intern at Bank of America as a Sophomore Global Investment Banking Intern. 


During his free time, Ray enjoys playing basketball, watching Action Films, and

exploring everything New York City has to offer. 


Email: rls2242@columbia.edu

Miles Lincoln

Co-President of Columbia Chapter


Miles Lincoln is from the Bay Area, California. He is a Freshman in Columbia College studying Data Science. On campus, he is an analyst in the CIBD division of Columbia Alpha Partners and is a member of the insights division of Global Research and Consulting. This past summer, he interned at ViableMKTS consulting for a SPAC.


Outside of the classroom, he is passionate about restorative justice, plays the piano, and roots for the Cowboys and Lakers.

Email: m.lincoln@columbia.edu

Omar Santos

Head of Education


Omar Santos is from New York, NY. He is a Sophomore at Columbia College majoring in Business and Sociology. Omar has been a Fellow at D. E. Shaw and worked at Morgan Stanley and BlackRock in roles with a focus on both discretionary and systematic investment management. In addition, Omar is the CEO and Founder of Xiub Capital, a multi-strategy hedge fund based in New York. Previously, Omar has advised the G20 Council during the 2019 G20 Summit in Japan as a U.S. Delegate in International Trade and Macroeconomic policy. Next summer, Omar will be joining Citadel as an Analyst in their value-oriented market-neutral equity business.


In his free time, he enjoys exploring New York, MMA, biking, and watching films.


Email: os2373@columbia.edu

John Jauregui

Vice President of Education


My name is John Jauregui and I'm from Los Angeles, California. I am a sophomore in the School of General Studies studying Political Science. My career interest is in Investment Banking, specifically Mergers and Acquisitions. Before coming to Columbia University, I spent time in the Marine Corps as a Data Systems Administrator stationed in North Carolina.


Outside of academics, I enjoy distance running, football, and stand-up comedy.


Email: jsj2141@columbia.edu

Thalia Gomez

Vice President of  Marketing


Thalia Gomez is a sophomore at Barnard College, majoring in Economics and on the Political Economy track with a concentration in Latin American Studies. Thalia is currently interning at Alinea Invest. She hopes to continue discovering other financial sectors.


Outside of the classroom, Thalia enjoys spending time with friends, cooking, and volunteering in the community.


Email: tg2741@barnard.edu

Roger Villarreal

Vice President of Communications


Roger Villarreal is currently a third-year student at Columbia University. At Columbia, he is working towards his B.A in Information Science with a concentration in Contemporary Society. He transferred into Columbia during the Fall 2021 semester and is a proud community college graduate. During his time in community college, he interned at Bank of America in their Quantitative Services Group. This summer, Roger will be working as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Evercore under their Private Capital Advisory team.


Roger grew up in Raleigh, NC and enjoys going to concerts, exploring New York City, and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art.


Email: rov2103@columbia.edu

Esther Mafouta

Vice President of Public Relations


Esther Mafouta is from San Clemente, California. She is a sophomore at Columbia University studying political science. This coming summer Esther will be a Fixed Income Analyst at Morgan Stanley.


Outside of academics, Esther enjoys running and exploring New York City.


Email: elm2212@columbia.edu

Jaden Ebanks

Vice President of Recruitment


Jaden Ebanks is a freshman student-athlete at Columbia University. He is Puerto Rican and Jamaican, but grew up in New Jersey. His passion for stocks and finance started almost a year ago, when he turned 18 and started investing in the stock market. He takes pride in his passion for stocks and finance and hopes to spread that to others.


In his free time he loves to workout, listen to music, shop, and see broadway plays.


Email: jce2147@columbia.edu

Zoë Harris

Vice President of Finance


Zoë Harris is a sophomore at Columbia College, majoring in psychology and economics. Throughout her freshman year, she participated in Make A Play Foundation’s pre-professional development fellowship. Within the upcoming summer, she will intern at J.P. Morgan Chase in the Corporate Investment Banking division. Zoë runs for Columbia’s track and field team.


During her free time, Zoë loves to visit NYC museums and go to Broadway plays.


Email: zbh2004@columbia.edu